One thought on “Open Letter to The Living Word Fellowship Congregation”

  1. Thank you so much for speaking out and saying your truth about the abuse you suffered. My husband and I and our two daughters left the fellowship in the 90’s after over a decade of intense involvement and I am so glad we left before our daughters were of an age to be exposed to the depravity and sexual abuse rampant in the fellowship. We suffered from a lot of other emotional abuse, codependency issues and control issues, worshiping men instead of God, Idolatry, and I was in therapy for many years. Our marriage didn’t survive the split from TLW as we didn’t have any conflict resolution skills. I am happily recovered having worked thru many 12 step fellowships and have found a healthy relationship with God and those I am in relationship with. My children were raised in dysfunction and still suffer the consequences, but God is Good and faithful bringing healing and guidance.
    I am praying your words will reach the eyes of those who need to see it and God will break thru the years of denial and hardened hearts to the truth, that hearts will break before God in repentance and eyes will be opened to the truth. That God will bring deliverance to all those still caught in the bondage of man worship and abuse.


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